From Silk Harbor Yokohama to the world

Greetings !

We made it our corporate duty to make you feel that your true beauty and health are attained through the cycle of the vivid life.

Yuko Yokoyama, CEO of mayunowa LLC., has been practicing esthetic treatment in Yokohama helping customers with skin problems by using cosmetics made from silk

She established her own beauty treatment method as she realized the effects of cosmetics made from silk for ladies with weaker skin.

She consulted with corporations, associations and universities related to silk industry
to develop tools and cosmetics made from silk related material which is known for its high bio-affinity.

Through her study and search for her own beauty treatment method, she has reached the conclusion that “silk” is the answer for the true beauty and health after finding
the traditional silk based treatments are proven so effective in Japan.
She has named her treatment method as “silk beauty treatment”.

All items used in her treatment are made considering the least environmental impacts.

Silk, the material of highest quality refined and cherished by the Japanese tradition.

It is our desire to realize the beauty and health of our customers by silk based cosmetic treatment.
At the same time, we wish to help prevent the worsening of the environment by using the natural material.

CEO, Yuko Yokoyama
mayunowa LLC.

Company profile

会社名 Mayunwoa LLC.
Representative director Yuko Yokoyama
Established January 2015
Location 1-91,kawakami-cho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama, Japan
TEL 080-6939-0194
Line of business
(Beauty salon division)
Silk beauty treatment


Management and support for franchisees
Consulting on silk beauty treatment


( Cosmetics division)
Cosmetic products
Planning, manufacture and sales of skin care products

Cosmetics manufacturing license no.    14CZ200261

Cosmetics manufacturing and sales license no. 14C0X10112

Environmental conservation

Ecology challenge by silk cocoon


Challenge for the next generation

Project for the skin protection in the future



Access to the corporate headquarter

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Corporate history

June 2014 Acquired design rights for face cleaning on both thin and regular silk brushes jointly with the partner. Start using them in beauty salons.
January 2015 Established mayunowa LLC.
Opened beauty salon “ YUZURIHA” in Higashi Totsuka which specializes in silk cosmetic treatment.
May 2015 Established beauty treatment association using silk.
Yuko Yokoyama assumed representative directorship.
August 2015 Started introductory lecture courses for skin treatments; “silk cocoon skin polishing” and “ silk thread skin polishing” for general customers.
December 2015 Started development of cosmetics using high molecular silk jointly with Shinshu University.
January 2016 Started using silk facial cleaning material (“Silklear” powder) for facial treatment.
March 2016 Ranked number ten (10) in the 6th national esthetic grand prix competition participated by some 600 beauty shops.
September 2016 Appointed by the City of Yokohama as “Intellectual and Futuristic” corporation.
Acquired licenses as cosmetic manufacturer (14C200261)
and cosmetic manufacturer and retailer (14C0X10112)
October 2016 Carried out large scale monitoring, Acquired large volume of data on skin indigenous microorganism.
November 2016 Applied patent for ” cosmetic treatment method using silk”
The application is backed by the skin indigenous microorganism data.
March 2016 Started body treatment course using “wormed silk ball”
April 2016 Opened “mayunowa Anjo” which specializes in silk cosmetic treatment.

Started silk cosmetic treatment shops in Yokohama, Nagoya and Osaka.