Recover the intrinsic ability of the skin

Recover the intrinsic ability of the skin

Skins have been made as the result of the facial cleaning practices which we started in our teens.

Intrinsic ability of the skin itself
Ability not to be affected by the stimulation and ultraviolet ray
Ability of the skin to turn it over

[ Lost abilities of the skin is not only from the aging ]

Mayunowa supports the skin treatment practices which avoids
excess amount of cosmetic application, over treatment and avoid using unnecessary cosmetics.
This idea comes from our belief that we should make our skin should have enough moisture, become protective and metabolic and healthy.

Sericin Beauty

Polish like you sweep
Make you skin glossy and soft with transparent touch by brushing your skin using the tip of the silk brush.
Brush contains 18 different sericin of amino acid which is the same as in the skin texture.

Sericin Beauty “Tsuya”

New face washing practice without using detergent

Domestically grown golden cocoon from Gunma –ken gives you pleasure as you make face cleaning care in addition to moisturizing the skin.

Sericin beauty “ Jou”

Face cleaning by sericin foam

Sericin is a natural material closest to amino acid components of the skin.

Clean unwanted dirt on the skin before retiring for the day using it together with the “silklear powder”.
If water proof beauty treatment were applied, you can remove makeup material on the skin by adding a few drops of oil instead of using cleanser.

Sericin powder is available from any beauty salons offering silk beauty treatment, silk beauty ambassador salons as well as any
silk beauty cosmetic shops in the country.