Esthetic treatment by silk

(Esthetic treatment using silk:patent application no.2016-233302)

Recover the intrinsic ability of the skin

“All products we use in our silk beauty treatment are made considering least impact to the environment in its process of
production, use and disposal after use.

In addition, we designed and developed them, considering they should be simple and essential, according to the silk beauty treatment method to realize beauty from within by fostering the skin indigenous microorganism.


Silk is getting increased attentions as the leading edge material for medicine. They are being studied daily as materials for artificial skin, artery and body organs.

In addition, silk is being studied as material which can be imbedded in the human body.
Under the situation, the use of silk as the material for beauty treatment has just started by maintaining its function as “high polymer silk”

High polymer silk

Silk is a sustainable material. The processing of silk is all made in the ordinary temperature.

It is edible and can be imbedded in the human body without causing immune reactions.

The greatest characteristic of the high polymer silk is it can organize by itself.

As mentioned, silk is now being used increasingly as the material for artificial skin, blood vessel as well as body organs. It is used for culturing bacterium as it can promote its activity without damaging it.
Self- organizing
High polymer silk maintains its ability to become a thread. By adding it to the cosmetics, it can form a network on the skin surface protecting it from the stimulation as a barrier.
Buffer effects
Combining with cleaning elements, it can control cleaning function by holding surfactant effects.
The mild facial cleaning is now realized.

Indigenous bacterium

Intestinal flora is known as a key factor for human health.
And, over one ten trillion indigenous bacteria in our skin is a key for the beauty of the skin.
It is required to keep the bacteria in good condition by protecting and maintaining its versatility.

Concept of silk beauty treatment

Clean up your skin mildly

Excessive surfactant effects do not only damage the skin barrier function of sebum but also may reduce the recovery and the versatility of indigenous bacterium in the skin. The risk of percutaneous absorption may increase when the skin barrier function is lost. It may trigger to invoke sensitive skin and allergy. Mayunowa’s new concept to clean by sercine offers the best facial cleaning means available in the market today.

Reset bacteria the skin

It has now become common knowledge that to differentiate good bacteria from bad bacteria does not mean much. In other words, all bacteria like staphylococcus epidermidis,thermophiles bacterium, staphylococcus aureus and acne bacterium are in our skin with good reasons to be there. The real problem is that the certain bacteria increase out of balance due to the dirt in the skin and skin pores. Our approach at mayunowa is to normalize the skin bacteria balance rather than the approach for anti-microbe or sterilization.

Protecting barrier function and activate bacteria

It is important to protect your skin from the stimulation once you reset it by cleaning without damaging indigenous bacteria as much as possible. Stimulation does not only include ultra violet ray and PM2.5 but
also includes cosmetics containing preservatives, pigments and flavoring agents. Mayunowa makes skin foundation to support barrier function by high polymer silk and by activating skin indigenous bacteria.