Release the stress of your skin

“Remove undesirable matters in your skin and add what is good”
by simple warm water cleaning. No facial wash is required.

Beauty cleaning essence elutes from the cleaning brush material itself, thereby remove the skin contaminants without facial wash as used in the conventional skin care.

Sercin from silk worm cleans up your skin

Cleaning brush releases 18 kinds of amino acids identical to those in your skin by simple and mild brush strokes on your skin.

It cleans up your skin, making it soft and translucent with luster.

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Silk thread is made from rare golden sercin made in Gunma prefecture. It is rich with sercin. Though the thread is slightly harder by itself, it becomes soft as you soak with warm water and seeps out beauty elements.

The brush is made beautifully by the master of Japanese traditional brush manufacture from Kumano area.
It is all handmade piece by piece.

180 year tradition of Kumano brush manufacturing is combined
with national silk since 140 years ago.

Soft silk fiber brush fits closely to the contour of your face.
By simple brush stroke, you can easily lift up your face.

The luxurious handle of the brush is made from hombeam tree. The feeling of the warmth of the tree is useful to stimulate acupressure points.

All you need is the water to use silk brush. Carry it with you to anyplace. It is easy, simple and environment friendly.

Restore potentials of your natural facial skin by new method of face washing practice

More and more people are choosing simple life without unnecessary items around them but only with those really needed.

Consider the simple life without excessive goods around you.

By simple but essential skin care, you can feel real bodily conditions like you find real situation when you eliminate all of unnecessary items around you.
You will enjoy cultivating your skin and feel joy of it.

Functions of Sericin

Moisturizing function
Whitening function
Antioxidant function
Ultraviolet ray absorption
Cell protection function

Moisturizing function

Sercin and human have 17 kinds of common amino acids.
Sercin has almost identical composition with key moisture preserving function of the skin.

Whitening function

Sercin is known to cut the ultraviolet ray.
In addition, it is known that sercin prevents the tyrosinase from producing melanin pigments.

Antioxidant function

Sercin contains the element with strong antioxidant effects.
It prevents the aging of the skin like wrinkles and freckles by restraining the active oxygen.

Cell protecting function

Sercin is effective for preserving and activating cells.
As an example, sercin promotes the production of collagen which is a key to keep your skin elastic and without wrinkles.

Kumano brush

Artisan of Japanese traditional brush making technology.
Our brush is the result of collaboration with the artisan of Kumano brush manufacturing and the silk material.

Our desire to realize the beauty by silk fulfilled the needs of all
ladies and made them all satisfied.

Tradition of silk

Silk; warm and fits nicely to the skin while makes life colorful.
It has been mysterious material since old time providing splendor to life and warmth.

Japanese people have been spinning cocoons carefully and produced many different products..

Silk from cocoon is quoted in “Makura no soshi” a ancient novel.

Pretty hands of female workers at the cotton mill………
“Maiko” with silk wears………
Silk is the Japanese tradition and the culture by itself.

Remove the unnecessary matters.

Raw silk is made in two layers, fibroin at the core and sercin surrounding it.
Sercin bothe effectively remove skin contaminants by triangular and porous construction of fibroin as shown in the illustration.

Tips of brush specially designed for cleaning

Rounded edge of the brush as shown in the picture.
The whole brush configuration fits the contour of your skin to
effectively shine it.

Add what is needed to your skin

Sercin seeked out from the brush is free of chemical additives
as used in the common cosmetics.

Sercin is a natural material. It is safe and comfortable for use with sensitive skin thanks to its high bio-affinity.

Simple skin care without washing detergents .
It does not remove sebum barrier excessively.

Eliminate old keratin, dirt in pores and clean darkening matters.

Eliminate dullness and swelling by lymph massage.

Provide mild care to the sensitive skin by the silk which is similar
to amino acid in the skin.

Sercin nurtures indigenous bacterium in your skin and support
its barrier function.

Brushing down to your neck and decollete and nurtures amorous skin.

Sericin Beaute

Principle of mayunowa

It is our duty to make your feel through our esthetic practice that real beauty and health is attained through the process of life cycle.

All items used in our esthetic practices are natural, handmade and environment friendly.

「produce」  「use」  「dispose」

All beautifying items we offer and provide are mainly based on silk.
They are made friendly to your skin and environment after uses.


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